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Phoenix or Sisyphus? Identifying the Pattern of Russia’s Recurrent Quest for Great Power Status

Professor Mark n Katz argues: “Just like previous Russian rulers, Putin’s aggressive efforts to reassert Russia’s status as a great power may actually be setting Russia up for yet another catastrophic setback.”

Why Hillary won’t win in ’16

Hillary Clinton is often seen as a near certainty to win the Democratic nomination, if not the Presidency in 2016. Jon Kofas explains why you would be foolish however to write off the Republicans or even other Democrats in 2016.

The Mood in Moscow

Professor Mark N. Katz was in Moscow last week where he participated in a conference at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (commonly known by its Russian acronym, MGIMO). He did a radio interview with Ekho Moskvy, and talked with many Russian scholars and journalists about the current international situation. Here is a summary of the views he heard from his Russian interlocutors over the course of the week.