Alochonaa – a Bengali word referring to Dialogue in English  is a cross-cultural, cross racial and cross civilisational platform for  sharing  insightful thoughts about  personal, social and political lives.  We are a non partisan, non governmental and non religious platform seeking to promote debate across a range of social, and or, political topics. A key premise of this initiative is to enhance a greater understanding about peoples’ lives, and  their portrayal of realities within a broader sociopolitical contexts of civilizations. Alochonaa seeks to promote dialogue between various disciplines. Democracy, pluralism and multiculturalism are at the heart of our initiative and that is why we chose a Bengali word as our title. We want to promote critical and evidence-based debate in forms of Op-Ed and long articles. We are seeking contributions from all walks of life (Politics, International Affairs, Sociology, Culture, Creative Writing, Photography, Film review etc). The views expressed in any piece are solely that of the author’s own and Alochonaa respects the views of all of its contributors.

Founder and CEO: Mubashar Hasan,PhD

Editor in Chief: Simon Leitch, PhD

Editorial Board Member:  Brett Elmer  and Liam Maddrell

Publishing Frequency: Three times a week (  Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)

All Submissions must be sent to: alochonaa@gmail.com and new writings will be uploaded three to four times a week. Please send a 2/3 lines abstract and a short bio of authors with your submissions.

 The  Founder and the Editorial Board Members  by no mean are liable for views expressed by any writers. Alochonaa  is strictly a non-partisan and non-religious  platform to facilitate debate and dialogue only. Any objection about any writing must be directed to the writer who is responsible for expressing their views. 

*All photographs used in this website are collected from open-source i.e Google Image unless and otherwise stated. Alochonaa does not hold any copyright of any photos.

**We neither take money nor make money out of this platform. This is a voluntary initiative**

*** We’re non-religious in the sense that we do not aim to campaign for any particular religious view but we’re not against any religion. We’re non-partisan in the sense that we do not aim to campaign for any political party but we’re not anti-politics.

*** This blog is run in personal capacities and purely with an aim to establish a global intellectual movement to foster dialogue between cultures and civilisations. Therefore, associations  with  Alochonaa  are no way related with works or study places with which members of the core team and editors are presently associated with. 


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