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What’s in a Ranking? Considering the Implications of the 2016 APSA Journal Rankings

Professor Ariadne Vromen mounts a criticism to the journal ranking system of the Australian Political Studies Association. Australian based political science journals revolves around positivist, quantitative methodologies. This research paradigm continues to be entrenched by the need for academics to publish in the handful of A* journals, the very journals which promote positivist methodologies to the near exclusion of all others.

The Crisis of the Neoliberal Model of Higher Education: Part Two

In the final part of the two part commentary Jon Kofas argues: The education system is supposed to impart ideals and knowledge into a state’s citizens, however, the modern university system appears to be broken and incapable of serving its traditional role in society. This is partly because of a crisis in access opportunities, and partly because universities have become revenue driven. It did not have to be this way.

Politics of Radicalisation: How the Maldives Fail to Stem Violent Extremism

Azim Zahir argues that when it comes to states like the Maldives that are gripped by political turmoil, there is a politics of radicalisation that further aggravates the issue. Unless this politics of radicalisation is managed, it will be difficult to address real issues of religious radicalisation and violent-Islamisation of non-religious radicals as the Maldives case shows.