Dialogue Series

Debate about Bangladesh and Support of Terrorism–Better Polling is the Solution: Simon Leitch reflects on the criticism of Pew Research on Bangladeshis’ supporting terrorism. He argues that the recent survey in the Bangladesh case may or may not reflect some useful archetype of Bangladeshi views but the solution to the problem is more and better polling, rather than simple rejection via anecdote.

Is Popular Support for Suicide Terrorism Growing in Bangladesh? Taj Hashmi argues that Recent reports in the media and from think-tanks have indicated a startling level of support for suicide terrorism in Bangaldesh. Yet this is at odds with the relatively low rate of suicide terrorist incidents in Bangladesh, raising many questions about the validity of the research methods used to determine the support for sucide terrorism

The Neoliberal Fiction-Religion and Politics in International Relations: The author of the book ‘Religion and Politics in International Relations- The Modern Myth’, Dr. Timothy Fitzgerald responses to Mubashar Hasan’s review of his book.

The Myth” of Religion and PoliticsMubashar Hasan reviews the book “Religion and Politics in International Relations-The Modern Myth’ written by Dr. Timothy Fitzgerald.


The Asymmetric War in Gaza – An Israeli PerspectiveWhilst the international media focuses on Israeli airstrikes and civilian casualties in Gaza, Koby Gur argues that few people stop to consider that many of these casualties are exactly what Hamas wants, and that Israeli casualties are only minimized through an elaborate and expensive anti-rocket system.


Israel’s short-sighted targeting of Gaza: The Israeli cabinet may have approved Egypt’s now failed truce plan for Gaza but whether or not Hamas agreed is of little consequence for achieving peace writes Associate Professor of Griffith University Dr. Halim Rane.


Saying Yes to a Normal Scotland: Stephen Gethins, an SNP (Scottish National Party) candidate for the European Parliament elections argues why it is important to have an independent Scotland.


Why I’m Voting Against Scottish Independence Martyn Geddes, a Conservative Councillor from Angus Council, Scotland explains why he is agains  Scottish Independence.


Scottish Independence – a critical review: Chris Elcombe critically review the proposition of Scotland.



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