Category: Culture

Martin Scorsese would like us to see Silence as a film about religion — but its central issue is race

Malory Nye argues that while the new Martin Scorsese’s new film Silence is apparently about Portuguese Catholic missionaries in Japan, in effect the film raises difficult questions about white racial identities that are highly relevant to the world we now find ourselves living in.

Bengali Folk Dramas (Jatra) Outstripped by Saucy Opening Acts

Based on a field study conducted in 2013, a Bangladeshi journalist Shafiqul Alam explains how the business of a traditional form of Bengali folk drama known as “Jatra” is dying against the backdrop of the rising popularity of a localised version of “striptease” among a section of rural Bangladeshis.

Britain’s Got Behaviour

Will Davies argues that the reality television has long pitted people against each other in various overtly competitive or pseudo-competitive environments. Viewers or judges rate their performances and cast judgement on their value to society, and although these shows are usually simple and rarely political they shine light on many aspects of the modern liberal psyche.

Sean Penn and Globalization

“Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?”, quipped Sean Penn before announcing the winner of the best film at the Oscars. Quite predictably, the media went into a frenzy. But was it really surprising?Arafat Kabir argues maybe not, if it’s viewed from the lens of globalization.