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The Futility of Reformism in Spain and Greece

Jon Kofas argues that one reason that EU and US investors are bullish on Spanish securities, despite a temporary setback the day after the elections is because they know that the anti-austerity PODEMOS party will conform exactly as SYRIZA in Greece and neoliberal policies will prevail no matter who is in government.

Explaining German Foreign Policy: A Difficult Undertaking

Germany became a country haunted by its past – determined to act as a model international citizen that was reluctant to employ its power abroad, a country committed to working through multilateral institutions, and a country eager to become a leading advocate of the non-proliferation regime.

The Global Significance of Greek Elections

Whilst Greece is only a minor economy, the example it sets in dealing with its toxic debt load and the EU creditors over the next few months will have global significance. As the austerity plans hang in the balance so too do debates about financial reform, wealth redistribution and the broader neoliberal agenda which has so dominated economic thought in recent decades.

Fighting words within the EU

David Cameron punched a podium. Matteo Renzi made threats. Mark Rutte is holding out. And Jean-Claude Juncker has verbally scalded them all. So what’s got the EU so heated up over the past few weeks? Chris Elcombe, Alochonaa’s Science and EU Affairs Editor explains.