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Is Popular Support for Suicide Terrorism Growing in Bangladesh?

Taj Hashmi argues that Recent reports in the media and from think-tanks have indicated a startling level of support for suicide terrorism in Bangaldesh. Yet this is at odds with the relatively low rate of suicide terrorist incidents in Bangladesh, raising many questions about the validity of the research methods used to determine the support for sucide terrorism

Islam, Peace and Tolerance

Shakib Chowdhury, the lead vocal of a Bangladeshi progressive rock band argues that being a Muslim is about doing good, having faith in God, and believing in the message and the Messenger. ISIS and groups like it take the easy path – the path of self-righteous killing – but the harder path is to build something, show tolerance, and keep the faith.

Waiting for Allah’s ‘Bichar’ (Justice): A despairing note on Bangladesh’s politicized, inept and corrupt criminal justice system

In recent times, the Muslim majority Bangladesh has witnessed a rising spate in cases of unsolved rape, murder, kidnapping, enforced disappearances of political opponents, extrajudicial killings, plunder of national assets etc. etc. Against this backdrop, Adil Khan argues that, most have resigned to fatalism and believe that they have no option but to wait for Allah’s ‘bichar’ (judgement) on the ‘Roj Hashorer Din’ or ‘Yawm al-Qiyāmah’, the Final Day of Judgement when Allah will punish the guilty and reward the righteous.