Category: IR

Russian Geopolitical Strategy in the Mediterranean

Professor Mark n Katz argues that Russia has diverse interests in the Mediterranean basin and these interests require strategic choices which are not always complimentary. Using combinations of opportunism, prioritisation and flexibility, Russia has pursued contradictory aims as best it can with reasonable results.

On the Terrorist Attack in Istanbul

Associate Professor Halim Rane, who was named as the best university teacher in Australia in 2015 was in Istanbul with a group of Australian students at the time of recent terrorist attack. He argues that despite the recent terrorist attacks in Istanbul, life goes on for average Turks much as it did before. Although more attacks by ISIS and its supporters are possible, even likely, these attacks do not easily imprint themselves on the Turkish national psyche, or interfere greatly with daily life.

Assad Still Shaky, Despite Russian Airstrikes

Simon Leitch argues that given the propensity for NATO or American-led airpower to make an appearance in Middle Eastern civil wars, Russian intervention in Syria could have been expected at some point. Yet, amazingly, Western politicians, media and the military leadership appear to have been surprised by the brazenness of Russian moves and have taken to the whole thing rather poorly.