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Diary from Gaza: Gaza, The City that Never Sleeps

Botched Israeli army operation in Gaza and Rockets fired to Israeli territory by Hamas have triggered sharp escalation in violence in Gaza in November 2018. People of Gaza have witnessed two of the bloodiest nights since the 2014 war. As fresh truce seemingly takes hold to end this latest round of violence, Rasha wonders for how long that relative calmness will last.


#MeToo INDIA: Religious Workplaces: A Tale of Two Places

Albertina Almedia examines separate complaints of sexual harassment of two women devotees in India. The first case involves a priest at the Mangeshi temple in Goa, and the second case involves a complaint by a nun in Kerala who was allegedly raped by a Bishop at the guest room in their Mission Home.

Thoughts on Globalization, Inequality and Equality

This article argues that instead of being a malignant force on states, globalisation is not the primary cause of inter-country inequality; rather, it is unambiguously the form and manner in which state economies integrate into the global economy which reinforces pre-existing international and/or domestic conditions which may stymie economic growth

Special Bangla Release:নর্থ সাউথ বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় নিয়ে এ কেমন সাংবাদিকতা?

This is a special Bangla release from Alochonaa. This is an article written by an Assistant Professor, Journalism of Media Studies of a Bangladeshi University, Jahangirnagar University. The article was critical of corporate ownership of media and propaganda in the name of journalism against the backdrop of few corporate media recently falsely portrayed a student protest by North South University of Bangladesh as terrorism. The article was originally posted in a Bangladeshi site but later taken down with the pressure from sponsorship. Alochonaa Editorial board stands firmly against any censorship against logical and rational analysis. Hence we are releasing our first ever special Bangla release in respect of freedom of speech.