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Rock ‘n’ roll is dying in Bangladesh

For decades, Bangladesh had a very vibrant – and highly political – rock scene. But the genre is struggling to survive the country’s crackdown on dissent and increasing Islamic conservatism.


Diary from Gaza: Gaza, The City that Never Sleeps

Botched Israeli army operation in Gaza and Rockets fired to Israeli territory by Hamas have triggered sharp escalation in violence in Gaza in November 2018. People of Gaza have witnessed two of the bloodiest nights since the 2014 war. As fresh truce seemingly takes hold to end this latest round of violence, Rasha wonders for how long that relative calmness will last.

Thoughts on Globalization, Inequality and Equality

This article argues that instead of being a malignant force on states, globalisation is not the primary cause of inter-country inequality; rather, it is unambiguously the form and manner in which state economies integrate into the global economy which reinforces pre-existing international and/or domestic conditions which may stymie economic growth