Alochonaa Founder Missing, Feared Kidnapped – Sign This Petition For His Return

As many of you know, Mubashar Hassan, our friend and founder of Alochonaa has been missing since the 7th November. Mubashar is an Assistant Professor at North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has conducted several research projects, written articles, and presented papers on democracy, terrorism and the rise of violent religious extremism. Human rights groups in Bangladesh said Mubashar’s disappearance was the ninth high-profile case since July; many targeted against progressive academics, bloggers and critics. Please support this petition as we are urgently calling on the Bangladeshi government and Dhaka Metropolitan Police to do all in their power to locate Mubashar Hasan.




Before signing the petition, please remind yourself of the mission that Mubashar had for his work and this website:

Alochonaa – a Bengali word referring to Dialogue in English  is a cross-cultural, cross racial and cross civilisational platform for  sharing  insightful thoughts about  personal, social and political lives.  We are a non partisan, non governmental and non religious platform seeking to promote debate across a range of social, and or, political topics. A key premise of this initiative is to enhance a greater understanding about peoples’ lives, and  their portrayal of realities within a broader sociopolitical contexts of civilizations. Alochonaa seeks to promote dialogue between various disciplines. Democracy, pluralism and multiculturalism are at the heart of our initiative and that is why we chose a Bengali word as our title. 


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