Category: Religion-Politics

Religious and secular extremes in Pakistan, is moderation achievable?

Rizwan Mustafa reflects upon his 2015 PhD field work in Pakistan: after some recent discussions with Pakistani counter-terrorism officials, it became clear that they considered religion to be a primary cause of violent radicalism. Yet religion can act as a guide to moral virtue, so it is not obvious how the state can function without it. Can there be a middle ground between religious extremism and secularism?

Ode to Rick

Michael D. Driessen is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs (John Cabot University, Rome, Italy) discusses secularism in the United States and re-evaluates the role of religion within the public sphere.

Muslim Diversity Series : Who Is Shia?

Today the world has become divided on “civilizational lines” the question that resonates within the minds of many is not whether you are Muslim? It’s whether you are a Shia Muslim or a Sunni Muslim? Therefore, to answer this question Alochonaa presents the first of a three part series, in which we try to disentangle the truth of Islam from the shadow of sectarian dogma.