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Liberal Cosmopolitanism: An ethically viable form of global governance?

Ever wondered what an inclusive global political community would look like? Alochonaa.com editor, Samuel Glen, offers a perspective on the ethical viability of cosmopolitanism that adequately provides for cultural diversity on a global scale.

Hip hop and the Arab uprisings

Written against the backdrop of the Arab Spring, Sean O’Keefe argues, people shouldn’t divide Arabic rappers into pro- and anti-revolution camps and castigate one side – the Arabic hip-hip scene is too nuanced and complex for that. But if unity only comes at the expense of social justice, the Arab world will be even worse off than before.

Gary Snyder : (1930 – ) A Zen View of Nature

Dr. Rene Wadlow, is highlighting for alochonaa.com individuals who have enriched culture and built trans-frontier bridges of understanding. In this wonderful piece, Dr Wadlow looks into the life of Gary Snyder, one of the writers of America’s Beat Generation- a group of liberal writers and poets who changed the American literary landscape forever. In this piece Dr. Wadlow argues that Snyder was influenced by Zen philosophy.