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Violent Extremism and the Value of Interfaith Dialogue

What are the factors and conditions that attract religious adherents to radical causes? Dr Brian Adams analyses the role and policy conditions of interfaith dialogue in assuaging intercultural and religious conflict. Read more…


Human rights diversity goes beyond North-South relations

For the Human Rights movement to be sufficiently internationalised, it needs to scale the bridge of diversity and provide equitable outcomes for all people. The Director of the Open Society Human Rights Initiative, Emily Martinez, argues that it goes deeper than just traditional North-South relations.

‘Respect’ for religion is often simply tyranny backed by violence

Despite a rather bloody history, violence, radicalism and intolerance historically affiliated with religion is still present in the 21st Century. But, can religion be blamed for the violence, or is something deeper afoot. Today’s post (thanks to Jeremy Fox at openDemocracy´╗┐) gives a succinct overview of the historical development and doctrinal base of religious violence and how we might come to judge it from our own world-view.

Hip hop and the Arab uprisings

Written against the backdrop of the Arab Spring, Sean O’Keefe argues, people shouldn’t divide Arabic rappers into pro- and anti-revolution camps and castigate one side – the Arabic hip-hip scene is too nuanced and complex for that. But if unity only comes at the expense of social justice, the Arab world will be even worse off than before.

Globalisation in Bangladesh: The School of Rock and the Soldiers of God

Mubashar Hasan examines the rise of ‘rockization’ and Global political Islamist parties as conflicting aspects of globalization in Bangladesh. He argues, “unavoidable discursive transnational forces of globalization disrupt the nature of traditional culture, social boundaries and foster the rooted cosmopolitanism within Bangladeshis where agents for consumer cultures and rebels of globalisation who themselves are products of globalisation, are maneuvering.”

The Emergence of Caf├ę Culture in Dhaka

Dhaka is waking up to a new era of food culture. There are lots of ideas which are reshaping the traditional perception of Bangladeshi dining culture. The emerging number of food hubs and joints being opened around the streets of Dhaka, has made very clear the reality of how diversified our taste buds are becoming. Naureen Zaina Azizee, describes in the ‘scrumptious’ piece the emergence of the ‘Cafe Culture’ in Dhaka city.