Martin Scorsese would like us to see Silence as a film about religion — but its central issue is race

Malory Nye argues that while the new Martin Scorsese’s new film Silence is apparently about Portuguese Catholic missionaries in Japan, in effect the film raises difficult questions about white racial identities that are highly relevant to the world we now find ourselves living in.


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Good Bye and Thank You!

Alochonaa’s journey ends here and now!

The blog is not in operation anymore. We thank  all the editors, contributors, newspapers and media  who republished our content and helped us grow. We are proud of our achievement. What started as an experiment by few PhD students at Griffith University, Australia, turned out to be a source of reference for many academic articles and books.

Even though we are finishing our journey, we will still maintain the site for educational purpose.

Good Bye and Thank You!






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